About Us

Launching “Mietta” Leisurewear in 2022, a pair of Melbourne woman(one who's name is Mietta), bringing their expertise of fashion and business together to showcase signature pieces that can be worn all year round.  The Melbourne Label is introducing stylish leisurewear as its first fashion line to the Australian market.

In this day and age it is now well known that leisurewear clothing certainly can be a fashion piece and worn in many different ways.

This is why our line will be styled and show cased in different ways to show women of all shapes and sizes how the garments can be set out for different occasions, and still look stylish.

At “Mietta” our mission is simple, we are designing fashion for women all around the globe, to feel comfortable, stylish and empowered at the same time, feeling like you can always be on trend at an affordable price, while still having the excellent quality that comes with the Mietta brand.